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Chatman is your child’s smart and funny friend for everything they do online, providing safety, homework help, monitoring social activity and creating hours of fun for your child.
Did you know Chatman has THOUSANDS of features?
CHATMAN is your child’s smart and funny friend for everything they do online, providing safety, homework help, monitoring social activity and creating hours of fun for your kid.

He interacts with your child while online by recognizing words and sentences (he has ability to chat with over 2,000 different phrases).

With CHATMAN, the content online is pre-filtered, and his chats are friendly and monitored to allow safety and fun at the same time.

Easy installation: Just plug CHATMAN into your computer with the built-in USB cable (no batteries or power cord required), play the installation software (only 1st time) and it will customize CHATMAN for your child!
Thousands of games in one friendly toy: When purchasing CHATMAN, your child gets an emotional and educational companion.

Your child will be rewarded with hours of fun, games, videos, and activities. It's like buying him/ her thousands of different games in one box!.
Filters out inappropriate online content
Protects your child when they're online
A powerful educational tool
Encourages emotional development & communication
Chatman gives parents peace of mind because he works with and filters your child’s online conversations on Facebook, Skype and MSN Messenger. He alerts your child when inappropriate chat is exchanged on social networks and when inappropriate web searches are attempted. Even the online games and videos are pre-filtered so you don’t have to worry about what they are playing or watching.

Now you can feel better than ever about your child being on the Internet thanks to Chatman! From now on your child’s Internet experience will be safer and better monitored all day, anytime.

This means that Chatman will react to chat conversations by recognizing specific words and topics that are used, and will provide verbal insight into the mood of the conversation. He'll say things that are directly related to the conversation, in an entertaining and thought provoking way. He'll also alert your child when he senses topics that are dangerous. Chatman understands a wide variety of current, commonly used slang and acronyms, helping your child interpret the implications of these "codes".

The special parent’s section enables parents to add hidden words or phrases which Chatman will alert children about should the words or phrases be usedduring chats with Chatman, or on-line chats with friends. Chatman will assist children in distinguishing between right and wrong, appropriate and inappropriate.
Did you know Chatman can protect your child
from inappropriate content?
Chatman encourages your child to express emotions and be curious!
"Now I can feel better than ever about him being on the internet thanks to Chatman"
The adventures of J-MAN and Millerbug blog
"My son loved Chatman from the moment he left the packaging"
Thrifty Ninja Blog
"While he's online there are many not so innocent sites that come up. Now, with Chatman online is safe and monitorized"
A helicopter mom blog
"Chatman has games and apps that your kids will just love, and he interacts with them while they are chatting online"
Mommy Katie Blog
"A life-saver.This is definitely a Christmas gift that and child who spends time on the internet needs (and their parents too!)"
The Bragging Mommy Blog
"Overall I am impressed with the amount of things this device can do and it gives me peace of mind"
Thrifty & Chick Mom Blog
CHATMAN makes a great gift for any child. They will be thrilled to get thousands of games in one box. Fun for children.
A safe and education tool for parents.

Easy USB plug & play. No batteries or any electric power required.

Chatman is available at Toys R Us, Best Buy and other retailers.

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