Established in 2007, Rondyo screams technical, professional, parenting – not in any particular order. Founded by a group of people with backgrounds deep in technology & security, Rondyo came about as they all grew up, grew older, looked at their kids and decided they too wanted to hold onto their childhood and have some fun again!

This dynamic, innovative group brings together technical expertise, business savvy and a deep seeded belief that people should always keep having fun. But there is a serious side to it as well; after hours of research, examination, long discussions with children and much thought, they realized that today’s kids, a computer generated generation, are so used to communicating from behind a keyboard and saying things like BTW, LOL and drawing strange faces like this :-) that it seems some have gotten a little detached from the real world.

Taking entertainment outside the computer box, Rondyo has developed what they believe will be the first of a line of products. Using movement, emotion and talk back, Chatman helps to show kids that what they say or type online is heard on the other side and has an effect. It’s the first ‘virtual-physical’ experience used by real people, and with an aim to develop the emotional intelligence of children; Chatman came to life.

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