• Credits FAQ’s
    • What Are Chat Credits?

      Chat credits are like money. They are used for buying and selling stuff like new Chit Chats that you or your friends have created and applications.

      Credits are earned when friends download Chit Chats you've created and shared. When you download other people's cool Chit Chats, you need to pay with the credit you've got.

    • How do I know how many credits I have left?

      Your credit balance will appear on your MyChatman page as well as on the Balance report on the ChatBank page.

    • How do I get more chat credit?

      There are three ways to get more credits:

      - You can buy them online, or buy a Credit Scratch Card at a store near you – Store locator.

      - You can earn them by designing and sharing Chit Chats with your friends.

      Once you have shared a Chit Chat you created and a friend downloads it – you will earn credits.

      - You can get credits from a friend who is kind enough to give you credits.

    • What does ‘registering credits’ mean?

      When you buy credits at a store, you will receive a scratch card with a number and a code. Once you get home, scratch your card and enter the numbers on the Chat Bank – Register Credit page right here on the site. Your credit balance will be automatically updated.

    • Can I share my credits with friends? How?

      Sure! And they will thank you for your generosity.

      How? Click on the Give Credit button at the top of your ‘MyChatman’ page. Find your friends’ name in the search area. Fill in the details and you're ready to go. Just make sure you leave yourself enough credits too – because if you give, you can’t take back.

    • How do I set a price for my Chit Chats and tones?

      Share the Chit Chats you’ve created by selecting the Chit Chat in the Chatman software on your computer. Click the SHARE button that appears and fill in the price.

      Note: We suggest you price Chit Chats between 5-20 credits, with the regular ones being closer to 5 credits and the really great ones up to 20.

      You can later change the price of your Chit Chat by clicking on it on your MyChatman page.