Got questions?

It’s cool. Most children have questions, and their parents have lots of questions! :-)

Below is a whole list of frequently asked questions, and their answers. And if you can't find what you need here – just write me a message here and I'll make sure someone on the team answers you ASAP.

Important Notice: Chatman was created for children, so feel free to click on things and just see what happens. Discovering is half the fun!

  • The Basics
    • What is Chatman all about?

      Chatman is a smart and funny friend designed to turn computer time in to a more creative, safe and fun experience for children.

      He’s a real moving, talking friend with a unique animated LED mouth.

      With an intuitive understanding of language, context and mood, his personality is so real it feels like he’s alive!

      To start using Chatman, load the amazing feature packed software, connect Chatman to a USB port and open a whole new dimension of activities. (For more information, see our Parents page).

    • Is Chatman really alive?

      Well, it feels like he’s alive! If he doesn't make you laugh out loud, then you must be sleeping.

      Chatman moves his eyes, hands and ears, while using an animated LED mouth when talking.

      His movements are very precise and endless and so it’s easy to know when he’s happy and when he’s sad or angry.

      Like us people, Chatman has many different moods:
      Happy, Sad, Surprised, Angry, Looney, Loving, Mysterious, Disappointed, Worried, Regretful, Embarrassed, Insulted, Jealous, Flattering, Decisive, Tired, Scared, Skeptical, Disgusted, Bored, Arrogant, Impatient, Wiseguy, Danger, Alerts, and more!

      And so he’ll almost always have something smart or funny to say about any topic.

      To see a demo of how Chatman moves & talks, please see the Who Is Chatman section.

    • How does Chatman work?

      Chatman has the ability to look at text, analyze it and understand the emotional expressions hidden between the lines. Chatman also has the ability to express a variety of feelings. Chatman is also aware of your calender and activities throughout the week, including school days, weekends, holidays and vacations. Chatman has the ability to react to a large vocabulary, and what's even more impressive: he can constantly learn new things and increase his knowledge. When you install Chatman on your computer, he will recognize the instant messaging software you use with your friends (Facebook™ chat, MSN Messenger™ and Skype™) and join in the fun. When your friends aren’t online you can simply chat with Chatman. Chatman identifies particular words and responds to them according to the mood of the word or according to how you specify him to react.

      While chatting with Chatman or with your friends, you can create new responses for Chatman to use, called Chit Chats. Each response you create will be added to Chatman’s bank of responses and will help form his character.

      The Chatman software comes loaded with 2 personalities, known as: Meeko and Ginger.

      Each one of these characters has it's own responses and personality, and when you create a Chit Chat, you can add it to one of these personalities. Alternatively, you can create new personalities, or download new ones from the web.

      Most importantly, in order to get the most out of your Chatman, you must continually chat with him and teach him things. You can tell Chatman stuff about school, home, friends and basically anything. Chatman knows how to keep a secret and you might be surprised at the response you get.

    • What else can I do with Chatman?

      Check out the "What can I do with Chatman" button on the welcome page in the software.

    • Does Chatman include its own messaging or communications platform?

      No, Chatman works with the major chat softwares such as Facebook™ chat, MSN Messenger™, and Skype™. (Facebook™ is supported on PC: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, on Mac: Safari, Firefox, Chrome).

      Simply start up your favorite chat software and Chatman will join the conversation.

      Note: Make sure to check our website frequently – we are always adding and developing support for additional software.

  • Chit Chats, Personalities and other Chatman terminology
    • The Chatman software

      The Chatman software includes the control panel at the top which provides you with a menu allowing you to chat with Chatman or with friends, explore Chatman’s personalities and Chit Chats as well as play games, set reminders and more...

      Chatman keeps on listening to incoming chat even when you hide or close the control panel. You can see a small Chatman icon in the system tray (opposite to the Windows "Start" button/menu).

    • Chit Chat

      The actions that Chatman performs are called Chit Chats. Each Chit Chat includes sound and movement as well as the words and a mood that will trigger the Chit Chat and will cause Chatman to act.

      In the Chatman software, Chit Chats appear as buttons:

      Place your mouse over the Chit Chat button to see a cloud menu with various options:

      You can edit Chit Chats, create new ones or download them from our web site. You can even share your own Chit Chats with friends online on the web site.

      You can create NEW Chit Chats by recording your own sounds or words that you make up and Chatman will repeat what you say. So you can tell your Chatman what to say!

      Another cool thing to do is teach your Chatman to say a Chit Chat he already uses but with a new buzz word. Buzz words are words that you define in order to trigger the use of a specific Chit Chat. When Chatman notices a buzz word being used, he'll respond with the Chit Chat you assigned it to. So you can tell Chatman when to say things.

    • Personalities

      A peronality is one of Chatman’s characters. Every personality has its own nature and each one will entertain you and your friends a little differently using the collection of Chit Chats it has to perform.

      In the Chatman software, personalities appear as buttons:

    • Active personality

      There can only be one active personality at a time. You can easily switch to another personality by clicking it anywhere in the Chatman software. You can even create a totally new personality adding your own buzz words and Chit Chats.

    • Mood

      People react to the language and actions of others around them; Chatman reacts in a similar way.

      Chatman’s mood is triggered or activated by a set of words, sentences and events that cause Chatman to respond.

      There are many Chit Chats related to each mood, some are calm and some are extreme, Chatman knows how to select the right response and react. Sometimes, he says wacky things but it’s always fun & entertaining.

      A mood can be a feeling like happiness or sadness. It can also be a figure of speech such as saying hello, bye bye or alerting about dangerous chat.

    • What is a Chatman application?

      A Chatman application is additional software you download from the website for a specific purpose. It may be a game, include information or be a tool that can help or entertain you in some way.

      Basically, it’s another fun, cool thing to do with Chatman. Installed applications appear under the "Apps & Downloads" page.

  • Working with Chatman
    • How do I choose a personality?

      A Personality is one of Chatman’s characters. Every personality has its own nature and each one will entertain you and your friends a little differently using the collection of Chit Chats it has to perform.

      To change the active personality, click the personality’s name in the Chat With Chatman or personalities page.

      You can also interact with Chatman's personality by adjusting his mood on the Mood page.

      Remember: You can add your own words & voice to a personality's collection of Chit Chat actions or create brand new Chit Chats and share them with your friends.

    • How do I set Chatman’s volume?

      Use the volume control under the Chatman Icon to mute or adjust Chatman's sound level. Pressing the speaker will mute Chatman, pressing it again will de-mute.
      Sound on: Sound off:

      You can also right click the Chatman icon in the system tray and select Mute.

      By default, you can also press the Chatman head button to mute Chatman. Read on to see how to change what the head button does.

    • How do I create a new Chit Chat?

      Click the ‘New Chit Chat’ button on the Chat With Chatman or Peronalities page.

      1. Name & Mood

        Enter name – Every Chit Chat needs a name. This could be the actual word you say or something else to describe the Chit Chat. The name of the Chit Chat will appear in the list and on the website, so your friends and other users can download it. For example: "Yipee!".

        Select a mood – When would Chatman say the Chit Chat you have created? When he’s happy? sad? bored? excited?

      2. Sound – tell me what to say

        Next is the fun part! Record yourself or someone else saying the new Chit Chat or import something you’ve recorded.

      3. Buzz words

        Finally, enter your own buzz-words that will tell Chatman when to say your Chit Chat. For example, if you enter "Homework", Chatman will repeat the Chit Chat whenever you or your friends chat about Homework.

        Click "Save" and now you can check out your new chit chat on the Chat With Chatman page or when chatting with a friend.

    • How do I teach Chatman new words?

      Click the "New Words" button on the Chat With Chatman or the Personlities page. Browse and select the mood to add words and then enter the new word in the text box. Click "Add" to add the word and don’t forget to click "Save" once you’re done adding the new words.

      You can browse through the moods and add words to as many moods as you like – just don’t forget to save.

      Note: The words that appear on this page are only a small fraction of the words and phrases that Chatman recognizes.

    • How do I record new sounds for Chatman?

      Click the ‘New Chit Chat’ button on the Chat With Chatman or Personality page. Then, use the Audio panel on the Design new Chit Chat page to record and test your recording. When finished, click Save. See further instructions under How do I create a new Chit Chat?.

    • How do I share my new Chit Chats with friends?

      First you need to make sure you are registered on the website. We may monitor and approve or disapprove the sharing of the Chit Chat before it is made available to other users.

      Once you are registered:

      Go to the Personalities page, move the mouse over the Chit Chat you want to share and click "Share" on the cloud menu that appears.

      Once your Chit Chat is approved by the site mediator, it will be available on the MyChatman web site for everyone to find & download.

    • Why can’t I share some of the Chit Chats?

      Chatman enables you to share Chit Chats that you have created or to share other Chatman Chit Chats as long as you add something new to them such as new Buzzwords or replace the sound.

      We may monitor Chit Chats that you share on the website and decide not to approve them if they are inappropriate.

    • How do I duplicate a Chit Chat?

      Go to the Personalities page and move the mouse over the Chit Chat you want to duplicate and click "Clone" on the cloud menu that appears.

      The cloned Chit Chat will appear next to the original.

    • How do I create a new personality?

      Click "New Personality" on the Peronalities page.

      Please note that the new personality is totally empty! There are no Chit Chats inside so you will have to create some or copy them in from other personalities.

    • How do I change the way Chatman reacts to words?

      To change words and their moods or to change any word you may have added in the past – see How do I teach Chatman new words?.

      You can add a word to a specific Chit Chat and that will make sure that the word ALWAYS triggers just that Chit Chat. To do this, place the mouse over the Chit Chat and select "Edit". Add the new words in to the Buzz words box:

      Don't forget to click "Save".

    • How do I add new words to the dangerous or alerting words list?

      Words may be added to the dangerous words list by accessing the parents area. Go to the Control Panel at the top and click the "Information for Parents" button.

      Children and parents can add words to the Danger and Alerts moods. The Alert words cause Chatman to alert you but in a much less powerful way than when Danger words are found.

    • How do I use downloaded applications?

      You can find the applications that you’ve downloaded from the web site under the "Apps & Downloads" page.

    • I got a new Computer (or I reformatted my Computer)- how can I get my Chatman data back?

      Use your backup & restore software to restore your entire computer or re-install Chatman and then download any Chit Chats and applications you may have downloaded in the past using the "Apps & Downloads" section on your MyChatman page .

    • How do I change my Chatman’s name?

      You should re-run the introduction to do this and then change Chatman’s name.

      See How can I re-run the introduction that ran when I installed Chatman.

    • How can I re-run the introduction that ran when I installed Chatman?

      To repeat the introduction process at anytime, just click the Run Introduction button in the menu bar on top.

      The introduction software provides guidance on how to use Chatman and assists you in choosing/changing your name, your Chatman's name and the initial personality.

    • Words and slang keep changing. How does Chatman handle that?

      Chatman also keeps changing. Occasionally, Chatman gets automatically updated with new words and phrases via the Internet. However, we count on our users to feed in their own words and slang. To do this, see How do I teach Chatman new words?.

    • How do I make Chatman silent at night?

      Chatman uses your computer’s clock to determine when it’s nighttime. During the night, Chatman will not spontaneously speak, but if incoming chat text arrives, Chatman will respond with a lower volume.

      You can always mute Chatman whenever you need to and control the time during which Chatman should keep silent. To do this, open the menu bar on top using the little red arrow and click the Options button
      and then set the time range for Chatman not to speak on his own.

      Note that if you set reminders to a time that’s during the night, Chatman will still play it. A warning is shown when you set the reminder.

    • How do I change what Chatman’s head button does?

      Just click the botton "My Head Button" in the menu bar on top.

      The options available are to Mute Chatman or Surprise you with a random Chit Chat.

    • Can my brothers and sisters use Chatman on our computer?

      Sure. Several different Windows users can share the same Chatman on the same computer but only one Chatman can be connected to any computer.

      Each user gets his/her own set of personalities so everyone can change whatever they want to without affecting other users. If you download stuff from the web site, you can download it to all user accounts.

    • How do I set up a reminder?

      Easy! Go to the "Reminders" page to see the existing reminders list and then click "Add New Reminder".

      Step 1: Describe what you would like to remember and then set a time for the reminder. If you would like a repeating reminder (for example every 2 weeks) select it from the list so that it says "Every 2 weeks". When you are done, click "Next" to proceed to step 2.

      Step 2: Choose the Chit Chat that will be used to remind you. The Chit Chat will be played along with a message on your computer display. You can ask Chatman to totally surprise you, remind you with a Chit Chat related to a specific mood, perform a specific Chit Chat you select or even record your own reminder.

      This is a great way to remember your family’s birthdays, homework assignments, chores and lesson schedules. Have fun!

    • Can I use a single Chatman with several computers?

      Chatman may be used on as many computers as you’d like but the software is limited to a single computer and you are allowed to only use it on a single computer. To move to a new computer, you will have to reinstall the software and set up Chatman from scratch.

    • How do I make Chatman respond to chat?

      Chatman is designed to allow you to enjoy him while you continue to use your favorite chat software just as you’ve always done. If you use supported chat software, Chatman will be listening and will respond. Chatman only responds to whatever your friends write and sometimes he doesn’t have anything to say.

      Feel free to teach Chatman new words that your friends use and he doesn’t recognize.

    • What chat software does Chatman work with?

      Windows Live Messenger™ – version 8.5 & up

      Facebook™ chat – when using Internet Explorer 7 & up or Firefox 3 & up, Chrome and on Mac: Safari, Firefox, Chrome .

      Skype™ version - version 4.2 & up - Note that Skype™ will prompt you to allow Chatman to access it. You must approve it for Chatman to be able to listen to chat.

      Note: We may decide not to support a specific (or even the latest) version of any software at any time. Support for new software will be automatically released from time to time.

    • Where can I download Chat software?

      You must ask your parents’ for permission to use chat software.

      If you want to download software you don’t already have, open the "Chat With Friends" page and click the appropriate icon. Chatman will take you to the link where you can download the chat software.

  • Website FAQ’s
    • Why should I register?

      When Chatman jumped the virtual divide; he lost all his memory and friends. By registering your Chatman, you’ll help him get all that cool stuff back. Once you register, Chatman will get his memory back and have so much more to say and do. Use your personal account on the Chatman website to register your Chatman and stay connected to the Chatman community online. Chatman will be able to get all kinds of awesome updates from the Chatman community, and you’ll get a whole bunch of cool stuff, funny bonus Chit Chats and more! You must sign in and register your Chatman, otherwise he'll be lonely. (Click to register now)

    • What information do I need to give you when I register?

      Very little really, just the basic stuff: you must choose a user name (not your real name), a password, enter your Chatman’s serial number and provide an e-mail address so we can send you messages and your account details in case you forget them. That’s it. It is THAT EASY!

      But, if you have any concerns, please read our Privacy policy.

    • How do I register?

      To register your Chatman, click the REGISTER link on the top menu bar.

      Complete the form and enter the security word you will see on the bottom of the page (This is a security measure that tells us you are a real person).

      To register your Chatman, click the REGISTER link on the top right hand side of the menu bar. Complete the form; and enter your Chatman’s serial number (which you will find on the scratch label on the bottom of Chatman's feet. This would be the scratch label and NOT the bar-coded label).

      Every Chatman product entitles the user to have one registration number, Please don't share your registration details. If you shared your registration and it is being used by another person – it might not work for you and you might not be able to reach the web content.

      Finally - click REGISTER. We will then send you a verification e-mail directly to your e-mail account and once you click on it - It’s done.


      1. If you received your Chatman from someone that previously had an account with – you will need to use their account as each Chatman’s serial number can only be used once.

      2. Make sure your Chatman software has been installed and that Chatman functions properly before you register on the website.

      Make sure Chatman is connected when you register to the web site.

    • Who can see my picture and details?

      It's up to you. You can choose to ONLY allow the friends you approve to see it, or everyone.

      As for the other details, they are all fun and harmless

    • What are credits?

      Please visit our Credit FAQ section for details on Credits. What they are, what to do with them, how many you have and how to get yourself some more.

    • Why is a Chit Chat I created not available to my friends?

      All Chit Chats need to be approved before they appear on the website. But don’t worry; it shouldn't take long.

    • I downloaded a Chit chat and it doesn’t show up in Chat With Chatman

      The Chat With Chatman area enables you to chat with Chatman. Chatman reacts to what you write and your Chit Chat may not be selected for a while. If the downloaded Chit Chat has buzz words, Chatman will use it when you type in those words. If the Chit Chat doesn’t have buzz words then it will appear once the proper mood is used.

      Note that Chatman doesn’t play Chit Chats if you type in their name.

      You can find the Chit Chats that you have created or downloaded on the Downloaded tab in the Chat with Chatman page.

  • Parents Information
    • How do I access the Parents area and password-protect it?

      Click on the "Information For Parents" button in the menu bar
      and click the "Information for Parents"

      You can now set a password to access the parents protected area. If you forget your password you will have to reinstall the product and recreate your password. This will also delete anything that may have been done within the protected area.

      Within the protected area you may set limits on Chatman features as well as add abusive words to watch out for – see How can I protect my child from inappropriate or abusive content?.

    • How can I protect my child from inappropriate or abusive content?

      The Internet and chatting have become part of our daily lives, yet can be very dangerous. We teach our children how to cross the street safely, but do we teach them how to use the internet properly? Do we teach them how to chat properly? What is safe and what is not safe? What is dangerous and how can we look out for signs of danger?

      Chatman looks at the content of the chats so he can alert children of inappropriate content. We provide a comprehensive list of words and sentences to which Chatman will alert the child, as a friend would. Chatman technology enables you to guide and protect your child. We recommend that you take the time to think about what constitutes potentially dangerous content. For example, do you want your child to answer questions like "where do you live"? Do you want your child to know that codes like "420" refer to drugs? This is a unique opportunity for you as a parent to guide your child, while allowing Chatman to do the work of alerting when those situations occur. Once you’ve logged in to the protected parents area, you can add words & phrases that are inappropriate and that will trigger Chatman’s dangerous content alerts. If you keep this password secret, the list of words will be invisible to your child and they will not see it on any Chatman page.

      Chatman has two categories for alerting the child, one is called "Alerts", and targets a soft warning for inappropriate words that are not necessarily dangerous, and the other category is called "Danger", which alerts the child of more serious content that is dangerous.

      You can play a game with your child and add words together to the "Alerts" and "Danger" categories. Go to the "Chat with Chatman" page under the "new words" menu, scroll and select the danger mood and add words that can be seen by your kid. The list of words under each mood is just a sample of possibilities; our dictionary contains tens of thousands of words

      Once you enter the buzz words, Chatman will react to them when your child chats in Chat with Chatman, Chat with Friends (Facebook™, MSN™, Skype™), and when your child surfs the web with the Chatman search option.

      The computer provides a fun environment; it is also good practice for children as they require those skills when they grow up. Now, with the help of Chatman, computer use is a whole lot safer!

    • Child Safety

      Rondyo makes significant efforts to make Chatman a safe product:

      1. Chatman is not a standalone instant messaging software.
      2. Chatman enables young children to only chat directly with their Chatman.
      3. Chatman alerts on dangerous or improper chat that is received on supported chat software. The alert warns the child but does not block communications. Chatman is not a replacement for internet safety solutions.
      4. As dangerous and improper words are ever changing and widely vary, Chatman allows parents to control the list of improper words that Chatman can respond to. This area is a password protected area of the software.

      We also strive to ensure offensive material is not uploaded onto the web site. We encourage you to report anything offensive you may have come across and that we may have missed. You or your child can easily do this by clicking the ‘Report Abuse’ button in any Chit Chats list on the web site. Reported items will be reviewed and removed if deemed in violation of our Terms of Use.

      Disclaimer: Chatman has functionality that can assist in protecting children as they use the internet, yet chatman is not a substitute for parental supervision or for specific data protection tools that are targeted to limit children's activities on the internet.

  • Technical Information
    • How do I fix corrupt personalities and restore them to their initial state?

      Click the small red arrow on the main Control Panel and click the "Options"
      button. Click the "Reset personalities" button and they will be reset.

      If the Chatman software does not start for some reason, you may also do this without running the Chatman software. To do this, click the Windows Start button and in your programs list, find the Chatman folder. There you will find a Maintenance sub folder with the option to reset your personalities. This will cause Chatman to recreate the personalities the next time it is run.

    • How do I prevent Chatman from automatically loading when the computer starts?

      To stop Chatman from loading automatically when windows starts, click the red arrow under the menu bar and click "Options"

      Now click the 'Run Chatman on startup' button so that the check mark disappears.

      Click Save to save your selection.

    • How do I uninstall the Chatman software?

      If you uninstall the Chatman software, Chatman will no longer work. To do this, use the Windows Control Panel and select "Add/Remove Programs". Then select Chatman from the list and click the "Uninstall" button.

      Note that this does not delete or change your Chatman personalities. A re-installation of Chatman leaves your previous personalities untouched. If you wish to reset or delete your personalities, see How do I fix corrupt personalities and return them to their initial state?.

    • How do I keep my Chatman software updated?

      Your Chatman software is updated regularly and automatically from the web. All you have to do is restart the Chatman software once you are notified that an update is available.

      If you wish to check for updates right now, go to the menu bar on top, click on the little red arrow, and then click the "About Chatman" button. A window will pop up where you can click the "Check for updates" button to find updates.

    • What are the minimum & recommended requirements to use Chatman?

      PC: Chatman requires a PC running Windows XP with Service Pack 2 or higher, Windows Vista or Windows 7

      Mac: Chatman requires a Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6 and above (intel CPU only)

      Processor/CPU: 1 GHz Pentium processor or equivalent

      Memory/RAM: 256 MB, Recommended: 1 GB

      Disk space: 150 MB

      Display: 1024X768

      Color: 24-bit (minimum). Recommended: 32-bit.