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Who is Chatman?

I’m Chatman – your smart and funny friend. Just plug me into your computer and everything you do online becomes more fun! Chat with me and I’ll respond. I can move, talk, and even help you with your homework. We can also play games and watch videos together. I’ll always be there to make you laugh – even when you chat with friends. When you get bored, just go to and download more cool personalities, apps, and other cool stuff.

Chatman is the first artificially intelligent friend, designed to make chat sessions, web surfing or gaming more creative and fun. Chatman talks, moves his eyes, hands and ears and has a unique animated LED mouth. Chatman intuitively understands language, context and mood. His personality is so real it feels like he’s alive! Load the amazing feature-packed software, connect Chatman to a USB port and open a whole new dimension of activity as Chatman tells you all about what he can do. A safe friend and companion, Chatman will alert your child when inappropriate or dangerous content is encountered during a chat session.

Getting Started

Getting started is easy! All you need to do is connect Chatman to your USB port and follow the easy steps to install. Once your installation is complete, Chatman will introduce himself and ask you a few questions. You can customize your Chatman by choosing a personality and name for him, then view a brief tutorial where you’ll learn how to use Chatman and what you can do with him.

Product Features

Kids can chat with Chatman directly or enjoy what he has to say when they chat with friends – Chatman can listen to chats on facebook®, Skype®, MSN®, and more.

  • Chatman moves his eyes, ears, and hands and talks using a built-in speaker and a unique LED mouth sync.
  • Chatman comes loaded with two personalities (boy & girl) with over 2,000 chitchats that Chatman says and over 30 customizable moods.
  • Chat with Chatman - he understands and expresses emotions like a real friend! Chatman recognizes over 15,000 English words and expressions.
  • Teach Chatman – Easily teach him words or create new chitchat actions.
  • Have fun with Chatman – Access over 1,000 games, cool videos and more.
  • Helps with homework – Ask him a question or browse for the answer. Chatman makes finding info online a breeze.
  • Reminders – Keep schoolwork, birthdays, parties, etc. organized
  • Download new chitchats and software features from
  • Chatman is safe:
    • Not a stand-alone chat platform so there’s NO STRANGER DANGER.
    • Alerts when inappropriate chatting is exchanged on social networks.
    • Alerts when inappropriate web searches are attempted.
    • Parents can add additional malicious expressions or questions to watch out for.
  • Optional safety features will allow parents to:
    • Filter web browsing to safe websites only.
    • Ensure Chatman is not disconnected by the kids and he is up and running when they search and surf.
    • Receive reports of malicious content and dangerous websites that were accessed.

What’s in the box?

  • The physical Chatman with built-in USB cable (no batteries ever required!)
  • Chatman’s Software CD
  • Access code to register on the web site
  • User guide

System Requirements

  • PC requirements: PC running Windows XP with Service Pack 3 (or higher) or Windows Vista or Windows 7
  • Macintosh requirements: Mac OS X Show Leopard 10.6 or higher (Intel CPU)
  • Processor: Intel Pentium or equivalent processor - 1GHz minimum
  • Memory: 256 MB of RAM. 1GB recommended.
  • Storage: 150 MB
  • Display: 1024x768. 32-bit color
  • Standard mouse and keyboard
  • Microphone required to record your own chitchats. No microphone included.

Amazing Software

The Chatman software is a world of fun & interaction. Here's a quick preview:

  • Chat with Chatman

    Chat with Chatman just like you would with a friend. Explore some of Chatman's moods and play around with his chit chats. Easily create new chit chats for Chatman or teach him your own buzzwords and he'll respond to your name or any other words you use. You can even share your creations on the web for your friends to download.

  • Chatman recognizes over 15,000 words

    He’ll always have something to say, and you can keep teaching him more words! You can add new words that you want Chatman to recognize at any time! Teach Chatman words that relate to your favorite subjects, or teach him cool, funny or even silly words and let him know how he should feel about them.

  • Ask Chatman questions

    Ask Chatman all kinds of questions, from “What’s your name?” to “How’s the weather?” and he’ll know how to answer them! If you’re not sure what to ask him, use the “pop up” questions to get started. You can find lots of great ideas and awesome questions that Chatman knows how to answer!

  • Record your voice and create your own chit chats

    You can record all kinds of funny stuff and choose the right mood for your recording. Chatman will use your new chit chats when the time is right. You can share them with your friends and laugh together!

  • Chat with Friends

    Chatman will join your IM chat sessions with friends. He’ll respond to everything your friends have to say. Whether you’re using MSN Messenger, Skype, Facebook chat, or another program, Chatman will join in the conversation and have you laughing in no time!

  • Change Personalities

    Explore Chatman's personalities and many chit chats!

  • Pick a mood

    Chatman is just like a real person. He could be a little happy, pretty tired and very bored... Set his mood to change his behavior.

  • Keep tabs on your friendship by using the Friendship Bar

    Treat him well and be a good friend to him. Chatman can feel liked and even loved. The more you use him, talk to him, and teach him, the more loved your Chatman will feel. But if you neglect him, he'll start to feel sad and even get sick. You can use the Friendship Bar to keep track of your score and see how loved Chatman is feeling.

  • Use the Brainpower Bar and make Chatman smarter by teaching him stuff

    Teach Chatman new chit chats, words and questions, and watch his score rise in the Brainpower Bar. The more you teach him, the smarter he’ll become! Don’t stop teaching him or else his score will start to drop.

  • Tell Chatman about yourself

    Fill out all the things you like and don’t like on your Profile Page. Your profile is the place to tell Chatman all about yourself. You can upload a cool photo of yourself, tell Chatman your name, birthday and city, and let Chatman know your favorite things, as well as the stuff you don’t like. You can tell him about your favorite sports, movies, food, hobbies, fashion, celebrities and more! Chatman will respond to the things you like and don’t like anytime he sees that they are mentioned!

  • Play Games with Chatman

    Chatman’s arcade offers the coolest games on the web! Whether you’re into puzzle games, sports or action, Chatman’s got it all! Register your Chatman online to get an initial free subscription and start playing the coolest games on the web!

  • Watch videos with Chatman

    Chatman’s cinema will get you the best videos out there. You can search for your favorite cartoons, how-to videos and lots more! Have a laugh with Chatman while you watch some awesome stuff!

  • Surf and Search the Internet safely

    Surfing the web with Chatman is safe and fun! If you want to find information, facts, or answers to questions, Chatman will guide you safely, and lead you to the best results possible. He can also make you laugh and show you some beautiful pictures!

  • Get help with your homework

    Chatman can help you with all your homework - any subject, any grade. Use the Homework Helper to get info on Math, Science, Language Arts and more. Chatman will help you find some awesome educational videos to watch and great articles to read.

  • Download the coolest Apps!

    Chatman has a whole bunch of awesome apps for you! Fun apps, ones that will make your life easier, and ones that will make you smarter!

  • Set Reminders

    Set reminders for important dates and events and Chatman will alert you! Chatman can remind you about birthdays, holidays, tests, and a lot more! You can choose to be reminded with a surprise chit chat, or choose your own chit chat! You can even record something special for the reminder and Chatman will play it when it’s time to remind you!

Apps and downloads on WWW.MYCHATMAN.COM

Chatman’s website is a safe and controlled environment where kids can download additional applications and content for their Chatman. Each Chatman gets its own unique account that can:

  • Download fresh chit chats and personalities.
  • Download new chit chats from other kids (safe and moderated).
  • Upload and share original Chatman chit chats.
  • Download cool and useful apps for your Chatman.
  • Post photos and videos of you and your Chatman.
  • Participate in competitions and win cool prizes for your Chatman.

Additional information for parents

Chatman is perfect for children ages 7 to 13 and enhances everything they do online - chatting, gaming, searching, even social networking. Chatman helps, guides, and protects kids while online and is safe, fun, creative and educational. With Chatman, your kids will no longer be alone when they use their computer. And it’s loads of fun, too!

Chatman is:


    • Kids learn how to treat their friends and how their attitude affects others.
    • Video lessons, exercises, and online resources help kids catch up on anything they’ve missed at school.
    • Chatman responds to questions he doesn’t know by automatically running safe web searches.


    • Chatman listens to chat on social networks and chat software such as Facebook, Skype and MSN Messenger and alerts kids if inappropriate content, such as sex, drugs, and swearing is encountered.
    • Chatman allows kids to perform safe web searches and alerts if improper searches are requested.
    • Chatman allows parents to add content to which they feel their children shouldn't be exposed. For example, "Where do you live?" is a question a child should not answer on the internet, even if he/she knows the person on the other side.


    • Chatman helps kids keep their calendar and can even wake them up in the morning.
    • Additional apps include a school curriculum organizer, a personal inbox, and more.